Lee's Chapel Baptist Church

First Time Visitors

When are services?


Sunday School begins at 9:30am and Worship begins at 10:45am CST.




How long will it last?


Services usually last 1 hour and thirty minutes.




How do I get there?





What do I wear?


Come as you are. Some members wear suits and dresses while others wear jeans and khakis. We only ask that your clothing is modest and unrevealing.




Do I need to bring anything?


You may want to bring a Bible and pen to follow along with messages. We provide a place to take notes in our bulletins.




How can I join Lee's Chapel Baptist Church


Believe in God and receive his gift of salvation. At the conclusion of each message an invitation is extended for visitors to join our church family. You may respond at that time.




We look forward to seeing you in worship soon.


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